One of my favourite songs is Kelly Rowland’s ‘rose coloured glasses’, it’s an amazing sound and underneath it all is the truth that sometimes we choose to be blinded by what we see, forgetting that there is always more than that.

April 18th was my birthday and it was all sorts of amazing, the love I got was so beautiful and overwhelming, I cried a couple of times during the day. For some of you on Facebook, you would see that the most amazing things were said about me and though it gladdened my heart that the people I love think of me that way, it hit me that some of their stories were a bit incomplete.
My friends talked about how much I was selfless and loving and a light and a bunch of other good stuff, some people read their posts and assumed that I was this incredible, almost perfect person and this blogpost to just to clear it all up. Yes! it was said that I loved everyone and I gave of myself; to accept that and not tell of the times when loving was for what I could get or the times when I subconsciously gave so much of myself so sometime later I could hold it as leverage for why I deserved to be loved would be a lie. To not tell of the days when I felt rage, jealousy, anger, and even hate towards the people I love would be pretentious.
The truth of our existence is that we all have several things to us, we are a paradox, we love, we hate; we give to get, we give indeed; we care, we don’t, we tell the truth and sometimes we lie to ourselves. We are never one thing and I think it’s for this reason that we ought to be empathetic to all of humanity. Like Kendrick would say, ‘I got dark, I got evil that rot inside my DNA’ it’s the contradiction of being human and it would be a damn shame to denial this truth.

We got the good and evil in us and it’s a constant battle within us, and sometimes good wins, sometimes evil does. The totally of who we are isn’t just the good, it’s the bad, the ugly and the decision to rise above the evil that lives within us. I believe it is for this reason that most the stories of prophets before us were told so we could see that the kind of love God has called us to.
I believe that true love is accepting all we are and most especially all we can become. For God, himself accepted us just as we were in hope of all we could become (Romans 5:8). Let’s take the rose-coloured glasses off our eyes and see the rot and the beauty and the not-yet-art and then we can truly really begin to love ourselves and the people around us. Selah