​I desire you 

My heart wants more than anything to feel yours

I ‘love’  you

Yes!  I feel a somewhat perverted love for you. 

I see your face late at night when I lay alone and dream of cuddles 

I see you 

You once told of the ability of emotions to make one a fool

Today, your words prove true

For beyond anything 

I know we can’t be but I still dream of you. 

I hear the fast pace my heart beats when I am near you. 

I do not want this! 

I do!! 

You have nothing true to give me 

I’m sorry it feels like I bash you 

But the futility in this desires has me beating myself up and blaming you for it. 

I want to fall, head over heels in love with you. 

But how can we do this 

If I’m separated from love and you don’t know him