Girl : Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
Mirror : Definitely, not you!
Girl : Who is she, and how do I become her?
Mirror : look at me, what do you see?
Girl : I see a woman, fair skinned, lips scarlet, eyes smoky, and face flawless.
Mirror : look at her, replicate what you see and then you would be, the fairest of them all.

With everything I saw around me, I knew I needed answers. I decided to talk to my closest friend and confidant, Nene, with hopes that I could understand the mystery of the mirror. Who better to ask, than the one who had faced the mirror also and seemed to have conquered? I asked her about the mirror and she said,

Nene : The mirror is going to open up and swallow our hearts.
Me : Uhmmm, Nene, you mentioned the mirror, what does the mirror stand for?
Nene : The mirror is a deep depression.
Me : Alright, alright, what does that mean?
Nene : It means the mirror is going to open up and drown the hearts of sisters.
Me : Wow! Wow!
Nene : Soon enough, the mirror would expect the impossible and sisters are going to get tired, you know, they’ll find themselves at different stations, trying to leave up to its expectation. And when they can’t, they’re just going to end it all. You know what I mean?
Me : Yea, yea (nods head). How long do you think it will take before it’s going to happen?
Nene : Well, sisters are already tired, you know, the cosmetics still ain’t doing it, as much as they look like dolls, their insides is still broken as hell, people are getting loose up in here, committing suicide and hurting themselves.
Me : Yea, it’s a pained situation. So Nene, what do you think is the solution to this?
Nene : I see only one way out; self-denial.
Me : Self-denial? How so?
Nene : See, the mirror feeds off from our selfish desires, you know
Me : Right!
Nene : I think the only way for the mirror to lose its power, is for sisters to wake up to the realisation that the mirror is indeed themselves.
Me : Whoa! Whoa! Now, I don’t understand this, do clarify.
Nene : You see, the human nature is like a force field, it’s impenetrable unless the enemy is within. Our nature seeks to please itself even at the cost of another. It is for this reason, that the desire to be better than everyone else is risen.
Me : *nods head*
Nene : Yea, it’s no surprise that her first question was, ‘who is the fairest of them all?’ she actually expected to be the one. Up there, far above everyone else.
Me : Wait, if she is the mirror, how come she didn’t just declare herself the fairest of them all?
Nene : Hmmm, good question……. Her nature doesn’t just validate herself by herself, it also validates her by how much acceptance and applause she is given. Although i must say that this doesn’t apply in all cases, we all know Sheldon Cooper.
Me : *laughs* can you prove all this though?
Nene : let’s take a statistics, what is the first thought you have when you look good or do achieve something? Think about it for a while.
(Pause and think about it)
Me : Uhmm, before I answer that, I have another question.
Nene : Go ahead, (smiles) I can’t stop you anyways.
Me : Does the mirror just decide what image it would show forth or is there a mechanics to it.
Nene : * sighs* the mirror is like a tree, as much as its fruits are poisonous, it needs the right ingredients to grow. What it shows forth is based on what it has been educated to believe. For the girl, she had taught it, quite unconsciously that that image was pretty and perfect.
Me : * furrows brows as I contemplate this*
Nene : She probably would have had a different image set up, if she had feed it a different ideology.
Me : Okay, back to your last question, I feel good and confident.
Nene : Good, what else? Be really honest with me.
Me : I don’t know.
Nene : Do you like the idea that someone else would see you as beautiful or intelligent?
Me : Of course, it’s not a bad thing, is it?
Nene : Yea, it’s not exactly a bad thing but would you dress up just for yourself or would your desires change if someone you see as important doesn’t see your accolades as what they are? would it hurt you if you barely get those likes on facebook or instagram? would knowledge be sufficient, if there is no one to show off to or if it isn’t accepted or popular?
Me : uhmmm…..
Nene : I believe that answer is for you and you alone.
Me : Okay. You said self-denial is the answer right?
Nene : Yea, it is. It is the conscious choice to kill yourself, die daily.
Me : Now, that doesn’t sound like something anyone would want to do.
Nene : * laughs* of course, no one would want to do that but it’s the only way.
Me : How then is it done?
Nene : I have to be very real and tell you that you are unable to do this yourself.
Me : Then, how the hell would i do this?
Nene : I do see why you may not understand how. we naturally feel like we don’t deserve a thing unless we have some criteria that allows for us to ,so the concept of doing it yourself is actually normal.
Me : okay? what then should i do?
Nene : You have to conciously choose Christ, yield to him and trust him alone.
Me : okay…..What if it doesn’t work? what if the mirror overwhelms me?
Nene : The only power the mirror has is the one you gave it.
Me : Okay, but what if it doesn’t work.
Nene : You have to take it by faith.