I decided to use today to gush about a lady who has been such a huge source of inspiration and beauty for me. She is the one and only…..*drumrolls please*       (using my best Ellen degeneres impression) Heather Lindsey.


Do I need to point out that she’s beautiful!!!!  Okay, okay.  Let me list down the many reasons why she is my WCW today.

1. She has such a love for God and his word. She is crazy in love with him, and anyone who has seen any of her posts or videos, can’t help but agree with me.  Check out her blog at http://www.heatherllindsey.com

2. She is such a hard worker. She has published four books, and is currently working on the fifth one. She, alongside her husband, Cornelius Lindsey hold an annual conference known as, ‘The pinky promise conference’ , this conference is aimed at teaching and loving women in the way of the Lord, and helping them become the fullness of his Image. She also owns an organization known as the ‘Pinky promise movement’ .  It started off as an online platform for women to connect and commune with other women as they grow in God. It branched out into monthly meetings amongst those living in the same vicinity. Every month, a bible study is done; concerning the issues of life and in relation to God’s Word.

3. She is an entrepreneur. I know it seems like it should fall under the last category, but I wanted it this way – it’s my blog, deal with it –   she has an online retail store which she sells shirts, hats and jewelry (which she makes).

‘She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands’ proverbs 31 v 13

4. She’s a wife. She isn’t just any kind of wife, she is the one Proverbs 31 talks about. And to those, who want to say,  ‘how you take know?’  don’t take my word for it, look up her husband on Facebook @ Cornelius Lindsey and also check out her videos on YouTube.


5. She’s a mother.  Now we all have mothers, and it may seem like there isn’t anything special about it, but the beauty of training, nurturing and caring for a child is no small job. Okay, I’m not yet a mother, so all I can do is imagine. But it takes a whole lot of self-sacrifice and courage to raise a child.


6. She’s a fashionista. Okay,  I love fashion, yes! I’ve said it.🙈🙈 Heather brings her A-game to this aspect as she does, all others. I love her style which is simply elegant.


7. She is pro healthy living. She’s actually a vegetarian. Don’t take it to mean that people who eat meat aren’t healthy. For the record, I eat meat . P. S I’m Nigerian. We basically have nothing without meat . She exercises alot, keeping her temple healthy and in shape for herself and her husband (goals🙇🙏)

Finally, I really admire her because I remember a time when I was lost, completely pursuing myself and dead in my ways, God used her to speak to me. I somehow stumbled on her Facebook page and then her blog, and from there, I gave my life to the only one who truly knows and loves me. Thank you Heather, your obedience changed my life.