I remember the splendor of your youth.
The train of woman falling at your feet
Your continual desire to claim king
Your failure to take seriously:life
But I thought time would teach you

Your wives have all run away
Your children left to fend for themselves
Did good looks help you?
Did pride feed you?
I really did pray that time would teach you.

Your father was too proud to see your pride
Your mother too joyed to tell of time
But you, you took the wheels and forgot to drive
Has time not taught you?

Your sons and daughters are grown
Their ways crooked
Their hearts torn and their minds lost
If you couldn’t see yourself, I thought you would see them
But I guess, you forgot to tak note of time

I see a young man on the street
Walking like his brain is on leave
Like his soul has left him
Could it be?
Could it be Oche?
That it is your son I see
Oh! Time has taken its toll

Your daughters trust not a soul for themselves
They remain transfixed to a mirror that shows only your face
You’ve locked up their hearts and they can’t find the keys
I pray, teach them,time will, that the key is within.

Could it be that you never learnt of time
Or of life and responsibility
Could it be that though blind
You were given an army to lead
Or were they that also trust you, blind
Time has failed to tell
Or has it?

Old and wrinkled
Your ways changed not
You remain a child while in a man’s skin
I see now, that time was a waste on you.